The workshop topics include, but are not limited to, the following issues and topics:

– Middleware and service platform architectures
– Sensors and sensor networks
– Context-aware and adaptable architectures
– Ad-hoc networks and actor-agent networks
– Security and privacy mechanisms

User interaction in challenging environments
– Physical and tangible interfaces, modalities
– Mobile and wearable interfaces
– Interaction challenges of users’ emergency gear
– Using audio interfaces in busy/outdoor/mobile settings
– Designing for infrequent use
– Techniques for rapid filtering and searching of information
– Adaptable interfaces (including personalization)

– User centered design and requirement engineering
– Co-design and prototyping
– Evaluation of novel solutions
– Recording and use of emergency data

– AMI support for users under stress
– Operations in damaged infrastructures
– Shared situation awareness
– Collaboration (Intra- and interagency collaboration)
– Logistics and resource management
– Training in crisis management
– Crowd sourcing and participation of the public
– After-action reviews