AmI for Crisis management

A workshop in conjunction with
(International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence)
Pisa, Italy, November 13

Second call (extended deadline): 23 September 2012

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners working on the application of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) to crisis management. Because of their pervasiveness and ease of use, AmI technologies hold a great potential to support crisis management in an efficient and effective way. Focus will be on better understanding (1) the strengths of the AmI paradigm, (2) challenges to its application, and (3) its potential in the development of innovative solutions.
Recent years have seen a rapid introduction and advancement of technologies that allow unprecedented levels of effectiveness in and control over a crisis response. ICT solutions proposed for supporting crisis management vary considerably in scope and complexity, ranging from organizational workflow systems to coordinate different forces to crowd sourcing platforms or information sharing among the population through social networks. The workshop aims at offering a forum for discussing what Ambient Intelligence solutions will make possible, how they might be used, and what challenges they face in the context of crisis management

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